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Feller Buncher 240

The Barko Feller Buncher 240 incorporates expertise from leading engineers, end users and forestry professionals.

First of all, it is a compact machine with 20 ton weight and 2,84 m. width.  The intelligent controls, intuitive maintenance features and a superior drawbar pull make the Barko 240 the most powerful machine in its weight class and offers industry-leading dependability.

You can choose the all new Barko CF18 processing head or the ProPac 19″ felling head.



  • Power Cummins 220 hp
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 399 long (tracks) x 285 wide (cab) x 328 high (cab)
  • Ground clearance 67 cm
  • Reach 4,3 ton at 6,40 meters