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B66 Horizontal Grinder

Horizontal grinders offer many advantages over slow-speed shredders, including superior particle size control, higher production capacity, and better horsepower efficiency. The Rotochopper “Perfect In One Pass” advantage optimizes these benefits by efficiently producing high quality end materials at low operating costs.

Horizontal grinders open more opportunities for low-grade waste materials, allowing operators to produce landscape mulch, biomass fuels, refuse derived fuels (RDF), and other valuable finished products with size and texture specifications that shredders usually cannot achieve.

Exclusive Rotochoppper technology, like our 1-pass colorizer and our bale pre-processing system, make our horizontal grinders the most versatile equipment on the market.


  • Power 500-700 hp (electric) - 700-950 hp (diesel)
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 15,10 m x 2,98 m x 4,0 m
  • Fuel tank 1300 liter
  • Rotor 106 cm diameter x 168 cm width
  • Infeed 40 cm high x 168 cm wide
  • Weight 26t (electric) - 30t (3 axles/diesel) - 40t (tracks/diesel)
  • Options Tracks system, Biomass package, Magnetic pulleys