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6025 Whole tree Chipper

The 6025 Chipper is rugged and powerful, a whole tree chipper with a distinct mechanical advantage – a patented drum design. The exclusive Cone Drum Technology is “diabolo shaped” and slices chips using less energy per cut, 30% to 40% less energy than traditional “flat faced” drums found in every other drum chipper.

A wide 86 cm by 56 cm. high actual cutting space will “bite through” large amounts of trees, limbs and tops to be chipped quickly for high production – keeping your trucks rolling and getting the loader back to roundwood quickly.


  • Power Cummins 585 hp
  • Weight 15.800 kilo
  • Dimensions (l x w) 919 cm. x 318 cm.
  • Drum diameter Diabolo shape from 89 cm to 61 cm in center
  • Drum knives 8 x A8 steel blades, 20 cm x 13 cm, 16mm thick
  • Infeed dimensions Max tree size 56 cm, opening 56 cm. high x 90 cm wide